City of

Chickamaw Beach

on the shores of beautiful norway lake

EST. 1950



With the on-going drought conditions, Norway lake is down considerably. The remainder of the summer is unlikely to see much positive change in total rainfall. The MN DNR has been advising municipalities throughout our area that all rivers and lakes in Minnesota are hitting lows not seen in quite some time.

Since all Chickamaw Beach residents are on wells that draw from essentially the same water table, those with shallower wells may see trouble with water availability now or in the future. As a result, the council is asking all residents to:

  • Voluntarily reduce water use
  • Water outside plants or lawns only when necessary or consider watering every other day
  • Consider washing dishes or laundry during off peak hours

While many cities are enacting punitive restrictions or all-out watering bans, Chickamaw Beach is simply asking its citizens to consider how they use their water and think about ways to reduce their water usage.



Before you build or remodel, make sure you checkout our zoning and ordinances to see if your project is in-line with city ordinances and if it requires a building permit.


Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to get important information regarding service offerings and other typical questions for residents.


Help Us Keep Norway Beautiful

Lakeshore and non-lakeshore folks are invited to join or donate to the Norway Lake Association. We all need to do our part to keep this important resource clean and beautiful for generations to come.


We’re happy to welcome you to our little bit of heaven.

Council News

Council Honors Van Vorst

At it’s July meeting, Mayor Backman and the Council accepted the resignation of Don Van Vorst from the council. This was not Don’s first retirement from the Council. Over a period of more than 18 years, Don served the city of Chickamaw Beach in multiple roles including stints as Mayor.

The Council recognized Mr. Van Vorst’s exceptional service to the city with a proclamation presented to Don by Mayor Backman.

We are happy to let Don get back to enjoying his retirement and thank him for all his hard work for our little community through the years.

Behary Appointed to Council

To fill the seat recently vacated by Councilman Van Vorst, the Council unanimously approved the appointment of Richard Behary. Mr. Behary’s appointment will fill the remainder of Mr. Van Vorst’s term and last through 2022.

The Council is excited to welcome Mr. Behary and thanks him for his civic engagement for the betterment of our community.

Mr. Behary was sworn in by Mayor Backman at the July, 2021 regular meeting.